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Christmas Feng Shui ~

The Holiday Season is upon us, which means lots of fun, but sometimes hectic activity. Christmas trees and decoration bring the festive feeling into our homes and are a lovely yearly tradition, and don’t forget about finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones!

Here’s a great idea. How about starting a new tradition this year – ushering this Christmas into your homes the Feng Shui way! This news-letter is going to tell you lots of great Feng Shui tips to liven up your festivities. And, with these tips, look forward to a perfect party, a delicious feast and a great time with your family and friends.

Christmas the Feng Shui way is about how you decorate your home and make it special for your family. It is the most significant source of tapping the auspicious CHI of the season that can bring good fortune for the entire house.

The Christmas tree is one of the most dominant symbols of the Christmas season all over the world. The decorated and fully lite Christmas tree has an aura in itself. It fills the air with warmth, love and happiness – powerful symbols of the holiday season. The Christmas tree attracts the most beneficial ‘CHI’ of the season. It should always be the focal point of your interior décor and best when it is placed in the entrance area or in your front living room where it is visible immediately as you enter the house.

The triangular shape of the tree symbolizes the Trinity and pulsating energy that points upwards towards God. Whatever is placed underneath the tree is surely going to be multiplied for you in the coming year. The lights, gifts and decorations on the Christmas tree mean heaven, love and charity respectively. Balls/bulbs symbolizes the fruits of redemption, the electric lights or the candles stand for triumph of good over evil. The star symbolizes the birth of Jesus Christ. The star stands for high hopes, ideals and good fortune to reach above oneself.

The Christmas tree is the ultimate symbol of harmony, happiness, good luck and prosperity. The most exciting aspect of having decorated Christmas tree in our house is that, it effectively enhances all the nine sectors of our house Ba-gua, by bringing the most vibrant and auspicious energies of the nature into your house for one full week up until Christmas Day!!!

Your entrance door is considered as the mouth of your house. The health of the house depends on what kind of energy you receive through your main entrance door. Here are few tips that will help you get the most auspicious Chi of the Christmas though your entrance door.

Decorate the Christmas Garland for the front door according to the compass direction your front door is facing. The style of the front door Christmas Garland is also very important. For traditional reasons the round “Wreath” Christmas Garland is the most appropriate as it represents a beautiful crown of glory and is complete in every way as it has no beginning and no end.

If your front door is facing south, east or southeast, then hang a green garland with red decoration; while for north or northwest facing door hang a Garland that is mainly silver, metallic blue or gold in color. Doors facing southwest or northeast should use silver garlands with red decorations or with flickering light bulbs.

Hanging Christmas bells on the outside of your door handle invites good luck and happiness for the coming year that immensely helps the occupants. The same way placing a Santa facing the entrance door also attracts wonderful CHI of the season. Hang gold or silver balls that represent money luck near your entrance area, where they are visible while entering the house. Keep your driveway and hallway clean and free of clutter and place candles or burning light along the side of the pathway, which is yet another way for directing Christmas Chi inside your house.

Use plenty of green colored decor, to balance the red, otherwise Christmas can be stressful because there is so much fiery energy around. Green is a cooling colour. Plants, and bows from trees will cool the atmosphere and will bring peace and good feelings. They also absorb the fire energy that is created by lights and candles, not to mention the warmth generated by lots of people together.

Decorate your home with auspicious symbols of Angels, Fairies and Stars – they will fill up the room with peace and happiness. Make sure everyone places something on the Christmas tree so that they put their own special feelings and positive vibes into the mix. It’s also great for bonding and to make the gathering more special.

The holiday season is actually one of the most auspicious times of the year. In the Feng Shui perspective, auspicious times should be fully utilized for creating or rejuvenating the good energy or ‘Chi’ of your home, therefore you should consider enhancing your house’s Feng Shui during this period of time to prepare your home to receive most auspicious ‘CHI’ for the coming new year.

Don’t miss this opportunity, as it can be a good turning point to change your luck in the next year.

Very important note: Too many colors, sounds and light can have numbing effect upon us, that can exhaust us, so don’t overload or put up your decorations too early…early December is a good time to start.

~Deepak Jayakar, Design Einstein & Feng Shui Master c/o LinkedIn christmas-tree-decor-white-orange-festive-decorating-pink-modern-chic-glam

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